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When you have endometriosis & decide to launch a business to change things

When we say we have endometriosis, it's not just a matter of "having pain when we have our periods". It's also a lot of other health concerns.

More specifically: What is endometriosis?

What was explained to me:
When you have your period, the classic route is: ovary --> fallopian tube --> endometrium --> then the blood flows into your menstrual pad " stuck " to your panties, that's about it. However, some blood "globules" do not go directly into the panties and remain in your body, but the immune system works to destroy these globules. On the other hand, when you have endometriosis, nothing happens and these blood cells become these famous mucous membranes.
Every woman has her own "endometriosis", which means that these mucous membranes can be found just about everywhere, in the endometrium, fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvis, bladder, rectum, etc.
All these lesions cause problems, more or less common, but it also depends on where the mucous membranes are located and on which organ.
You can have very serious digestive problems, and a lot of women suffer from endobelly.
But there are also urinary problems, such as "having to pee very, very often".
In short, as you'll have understood, it's not just a question of "being in pain when you have your period".
Without even mentioning the incapacitating pelvic pain, which translates into contractions, it's the fallopian tubes that contract during periods. This causes us such intense pain that we bend over in pain, and sometimes we even experience vagal malaise.

It's not easy to live with on daily, but we make the best of it.

Personally, I have a lot of endobellys and I have a nodule in my breast that appears and disappears depending on my hormones at the moment, which also change according to my cycle. So I end up with asymmetrical breasts and a tummy that's sometimes so swollen (like a pregnant woman) that I wear sizes 36 to 38, and sometimes even 38 is unbearable.
As I know how to sew, I've always reworked my clothes so that I feel comfortable all day.
I've always found a D-system for my clothes, but never for my underwear.
So I decided to buy some lace and mesh and sew my own lingerie sets. A bra with 2 different cups and a tanga that adapts to my endobelly. When I started talking to people about it, I realised immediately that I wasn't alone.
I started sewing for myself, then for my friends, and now for my customers.
That's how Asymétrio was born.

Behind the scenes of my brand
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