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The uncertainties of life as an entrepreneur

It's true that there's a lot more to being an entrepreneur. You can manage your schedule more easily, you have more freedom and you can do what you love.
We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, and that's our source of motivation.

I had the idea of creating Asymétrio in February 2022. I'm not a seamstress or a pattern maker, so there was a lot of work to do on this new professional orientation before I officially launched my brand as a self-employed business 8 months later, in September 2022.
I love sewing, and was already making my own clothes, bags and all kinds of fashion and home accessories. But sewing lingerie is much more complicated. But that wasn't the problem, I'd practised and already had experience of sewing, it just requires a bit more skill, but I quickly got the hang of it. My biggest 'problem' was creating the patterns, as I said, I'm not a pattern maker. So I took a special lingerie course, which helped me create my first patterns. I then used social social media to ask for feedback from volunteer testers, so I adapted each new pattern. In all, I made 4 prototype panties, 3 prototype tanga and 6 prototype bras, before finding the perfect patterns!

But that's not all! What materials are used to sew panties, tangas and bras?

You automatically think of lace, but then what? That's where I learnt about the usefulness of fishnet, marquisette tulle, the different elastics to use, and also how to cut the fabric according to its elasticity.

At first, it was far from easy, but once I had all these keys in hand, I took the initiative, carried out several tests and looked for different suppliers.
It took me 2 months to select the suppliers who, in my opinion, offered elegant but above all quality products.
I had to place several orders before selecting my materials.

Then comes the design of the website, communication on social networks, approaches to shops and craft markets...

Today I'm at the development phase of my reputation and approaching businesses to make myself known, so wish me luck!
And thanks again to all my customers who put their trust in me. Don't hesitate to send me a message once you've tested your order, it's very motivating.


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