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Why launch a crowdfunding ?

As an entrepreneur, when you launch a crowdfunding campaign, you have to realise that it's a huge job!
So why give yourself any more work than you already have?
Why did I launch a crowdfunding campaign for my brand Asymétrio?

Before you launch your crowdfunding campaign, you need to define your financial needs and estimate the amount you want to fund.
If we take the example of my brand, there were a few investments made before I launched this crowdfunding :
  • Sewing machines

  • Computer

  • Telephone

  • Printer

  • Filing the articles of association

  • first stock of raw materials

  • The site: ecommerce, domain name

I launched a crowdfunding campaign because I needed funds for the new prototypes and also to be able to delegate production.
Today Asymétrio has an e-commerce site and sells 1 style of bra and 4 styles of stockings online. That's not enough to differentiate ourselves from the competition, even though we have a unique brand identity. I need to offer my customers more choice. What's more, I'm alone in managing my entire business, including production, the pattern maker, stock management, raw material purchases, administration and communication ....
The more we sell, the more it's a success for Asymétrio, but there aren't enough hours in the day to manage everything.

Once I've identified Asymétrio's needs, I need to calculate a financial value for the fund's objective:
  • How much do prototypes cost in raw materials ?

  • How much does it cost to send prototypes to my testers ?

  • How much does a photoshoot cost ?

  • How much do the new lace suppliers charge?

  • How much does a production cost? for the couture delegation

Do your maths!

👉🏻 Which communication/marketing plan did I adopt to raise more than €3,000? Discover it on Wednesday 1 November, I'll be revealing to you, date by date, all the action plans I've put in place, from start to finish, and what's been successful or not.


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