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Why wear a bra if you're going to take it off as soon as you get home?

  • In the eyes of society

  • For bra support

  • To hide nipples

  • Because it's like wearing panties, you're used to wearing them every morning, you feel naked without them

And many other reasons that are unique to each person

No Bra movement is in vogue and I understand why

We still need to adopt it!

It's not that easy to stop this habit. Some will tell me that it begins one step at a time. You start by not wearing it on Sundays, then on teleworking days, holidays and public holidays.

  • Why wear one when you can live without ?

  • Why wear one when you know you can do without ?

  • Why wear one when you feel better without?

Let me tell you my story.

The story of a lingerie brand founder who hated bras and adopted the no bra for a long time. A bit of an understatement, wouldn't you say?

As you know, I created Asymetrio because I'm the brand's 1st customer. So you won't be surprised if I tell you that I used to hate bras. I had 3 bras in my cupboard. I hated wearing them because they didn't fit. I had to adopt the no bra because I couldn't wear bras. I only wore them when it was 'necessary' and when I say 'necessary' I don't mean for the judgement of others, but for myself, to feel comfortable and confident.

When it comes to important meetings, self-confidence is essential. Some people wear their best outfits, a good-luck bracelet, a beautiful manicure: to each his own!

As for me, I couldn't wear a bra because it didn't fit, I had to hide my breasts with my hair, or pay attention to my every move, not bend over too much so that people couldn't see into my cleavage, avoid running to catch the metro...

I'm asymmetrical, C and D size for chest measurements and 85 for bust size.

I can't tell you how strange and atypical I've felt all my life. You can understand why I only had 3 bras. And they weren't my size, but they certainly were the best I can have at this moment.

I'll go even further in my story, by telling you a bit about my personal life. Before creating ASYMETRIO, I lost my job. So, I had to go to interviews one after the other. At that moment in my life, I was wearing 50% no bra. I could go shopping without a bra, walk my dog in the street without a bra, and do all the other things. With the exception of, public transport and days at the office, in this case, face-to-face meetings.

So why wear a bra when I know I live without one ?

Knowing that in winter, with 3 jumpers, I was 100% no bra.

I would simply answer you with these 3 points :

  • Bra support

  • Comfort

  • Self-confidence

Support and comfort : When you're a 1 D size and your breasts are heavy and droopy, I can assure you that a simple fast walk is no comfort at all! When you're running around and have a busy day, it's extremely disagreeable to not have any support. For an A, B or C size, this answer may not be totally adequate, but at certain times in your life, it's more comfortable to have a bra that supports your breasts, and that is the bra's main property.

Self-confidence :

"Oops" a nipple on the way out

"Oops, I've bent over and you can see everything.

"Oopsss" it's cold and my nipples are sticking out ...

I'm familiar with these situations, I've been through them, they're not dramatic, but even if it means having a good time, if my breasts could stay where they are, without bothering me, that wouldn't be nice !

It's all a bit awkward, but I think that this argument is specific to each profile.

I've adopted the no bra, but there are certain times in my life when I find a bra indispensable, and that's OK !

That's also why it exists. That's my opinion, once again, it depends on each person's profile. I like to wear loose-fitting clothes, or clothes with a bit of cleavage, in one word, I don't want to preoccupy in the morning that I want to wear this outfit on this day, and not say to myself "oh no, I can't wear this shirt today because it's too low cut and without a bra ...". I'm certainly not going to change my clothing style because of a bra.

The problem is that none of the lingerie brands have my size !

So I sewed my first bras.

A bra without underwiring or a scrap metal separator for comfort, but with a certain amount of support, because otherwise there's no point, let's be honest.

A bra that combines: comfort and support, all with an elegant and trendy style. It's clearly the kind of product I'm happy to wear, like my best outfit that I'm in no hurry to take off at the end of the day. By choosing fabrics that are easy to care for, because you've got other things to do than sort through clothes when you're machine washing everything at 30 degrees.

I can't hide the fact that it took me more than half a year to prepare for my 1st lingerie prototype (in intensive training).

But honestly, it was worth it, wasn't it ?

I'm happy to tell you today that I've launched a brand of tailor made lingerie for all women, which is also artisanal and made in France. Made to order, no stock, no over-consumption, it's a far cry from fast fashion.

I'm not advocating wearing a bra 24 hours a day, but rather comfort and self-confidence, which is what makes us able to achieve anything !

Apart from the asymmetrical breasts that show up without a bra, I've made peace with this difference, but it's true that for some people, when you're 1 or 2 sizes different or even more, you can quickly feel self-conscious and lose confidence.


You're a woman, you're strong and powerful.

Never forget to take care of yourself.



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