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I'm Clémence and the founder of Asymétrio

Im Clemence and the founder of Asymetrio

Im Clemence and the founder of Asymetrio

How did I have the idea of creating the first lingerie brand for asymmetrical breasts ?

Where to begin, to be totally honest with you, last February I was in very low morale, I'd just been made redundant and with what was going on at the time it was very difficult for me to find work again in France. So when I'm not feeling well, I'm sorting out my dressing room. But when I say 'sorting', I really mean the big "sort", and I started with my dressing room. Then I noticed I'd run out of 'decent' panties and bras. I thought I'd buy some new ones and when I saw the prices, I couldn't believe it.

I decided to launch this project because I'm the 1st customer for my brand.

I've never had symmetrical breasts, but I do have a cup difference. Of course it costs money to buy bras, but when they don't fit, it's just not possible! I don't want to believe that now, with all the testimonials on the social media, podcasts, etc, that there still aren't any bras to suit different body.
So I took the initiative and, knowing how to sew, I thought I'd make my own bras. I don't necessarily have a budget dedicated to my lingerie, and even less so when it doesn't fit and I'd have to redesign the bra.

So I took the plunge ! I buy my lace and everything else, but sewing lingerie is a lot more complex than sewing clothes, so I took courses on the Artesane platform, which really helped me produce my first underwear.
The fact that I was able to complete my dressing room with beautiful lingerie gave me such satisfaction! I've never been a lingerie addict, I couldn't understand my friends who spent crazy budgets on their underwear. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to wear lingerie that was comfortable, beautiful and above all in my size that I felt beautiful and seductive - I'm glowing! I feel better, I feel confident, and that's when it all started to happen! I need to give other women this feeling of 'Girl Power'. That's when Asymétrio was born.
So I worked on my patterns, I asked women to test the prototypes, I reworked the products several times so that they were sexy but above all 100% comfortable.

It was when I started making prototypes that I realised why lingerie was so expensive!

I use 4 different suppliers for 1 bra. A bra contains different elastics: for the straps, to hold the cup in place, to bust size. There's also mesh for the cup support, which ensures all-day comfort. Lace of course, and features such as hook-and-loop fastenings at the back, buckles and adjusters for the straps. All this comes at a price. So the bra has to be perfect!
The perfect bra is not only made from the best materials, it's also the right size. On the bra product pages, you can choose not only the size of the cups, but also each cup size. So the bra is truly made-to-measure for your size and body type. And that's what we want! A bra that's beautiful, comfortable and, most importantly, just the right size for you!
Im Clemence and the founder of Asymetrio
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