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Crowdfunding debriefing


🎉 Tuesday 18 July was the day we successfully reached our 1st objective !

I can't thank you enough for your support!
Now I'm doing everything I can to reach my 2nd goal, my deadline: 9 October. To thank you for your commitment to my brand, I'm offering you €15 off the lingerie set and a free textile gift for each order (scrunchie, pouch, kimono, etc).

🪡 I used to sew for myself first, then for my friends, before sewing for my customers.

A new way of ordering lingerie. My customers can choose their band size independently of their bust size, but they can also choose each cup size for asymmetrical breasts. I do asymmetry as well as symmetry, for large bust sizes and small breasts, or on the contrary small bust sizes and large breasts. These are standard sizes with which we are all familiar.
Band size: 80 to 120
Bust size (right - left) : A - G
Ordering is quick and easy, taking less than a minute if you know your measurements, or if not, there's a size simulator available on the site.

👑 Asymétrio is handcrafted, made in France, made to measure to suit each morphology, but also daily lingerie. Easy care, machine wash at 30 degrees. Asymétrio is also, and most importantly, comfortable lingerie, not the kind of bra you can't wait to take off at the end of the day.

🤜🏻 Why crowdfunding ?

Today, I'm working with KissKissBankBank, a crowdfunding platform, because I'm managing my business on my own. To tell you the truth, I've reworked my business plan and to be viable, I need to delegate.
On 18 July, we successfully collected €1,300! That's amazing! Thank you so much again for your help. Thanks to these donations and contributions, I'll be able to buy the raw materials for the new products: swimwear, menstrual panties, bridal bras, front fastener bras and adjustable panties. It's a good thing for Asymétrio, because I'll be able to offer my customers new products. In particular, the bra with the front fastener and the bridal bra, which I've been asked for. I can't wait to work on these prototypes and bring them to you in 2024.

💪🏻 2nd objective

I absolutely have to delegate production so that I can concentrate 100% on my role as manager. I'm doing everything I can to get there, and I'm at 200%!
I've got 2 months of crazy work coming up and I'm really looking forward to September, because it's going to be a very promising ! Asymétrio has a lot of great things in store.
Are you confident ? In 2 months, will I be able to achieve the 2nd objective? Will I manage to delegate production on 9 October?


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