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How to overcome endobelly

How to overcome endobelly

Endobelly = the little belly that looks like a pregnant woman's

When you have endometriosis, almost all of us are affected by this symptom.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and yes, it's hard to live with it every day!
The bloating, the stomach feeling hard and swollen, before, during and even after your period, it's something you have to live with 24/7 and it's very uncomfortable.
It even affects our mood, and it's almost normal to feel a bit down during this period. There's no miracle cure for this symptom, apart from being well surrounded, talking about it, going to therapist if your thoughts are too "dark", getting some rest, taking a break, and giving yourself special moments that you enjoy doing: going to cinema, drawing, sewing, etc. Whatever makes you feel less stressed and more happy 💕

How do you overcome the pain and get rid of that swollen tummy?

There's no exact science to overcoming this symptom, but I try a few tips that have worked for me!

🤰🏻For the little pains during periods, I use puressentiel - articulations et muscles, which is normally used for muscular pains. I apply it to the area below of the abdomen when the pains appear. Just for small pains, it gives quite comfort.

🤰🏻 You can also use hot water bottles, which also relieve major pain. Be careful, not only of burns, but also of the contact of the hot water bottle with your belly, which can create brown spots on your skin.

🤰🏻 I've never used it, but I think I'll be doing so soon. It's a menstrual pain relief device. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you :)

🤰🏻 When it comes to medicines to relieve pain, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. They will be able to guide you.

🤰🏻 Endobelly also means digestive problems, so avoid all inflammatory foods.
During this period, you should avoid : Red meat and prefer white meat: chicken. Crudeness in the evening. Some people are also gluten intolerant. Do the test, stop eating gluten for 1 week and you may or may not notice the difference. If your stomach swells and you feel less pain, you should also avoid these foods.
As for sugar, avoid fruit and juices. But also coffee and cold drinks. During this period, you should prefer room-temperature or even hot drinks and ricoré instead of coffee. For snack, I personally continue to eat it, especially dark chocolate ones, during this period. It does me more good than bad, after all it's may be psychological, but listen to yourself too! Don't take everything out of your diet, just avoid inflammatory foods.

🤰🏻 You can also ask your pharmacy about probiotics to help improve digestive balance during this endobelly period.
🤰🏻 Also try self-massage techniques for menstrual pain and endobelly (there are lots of videos on Youtube) - it's very helpful!

🤰🏻Avoid high-waisted trousers too! Even if you're trying to hide that little belly, who cares? Go for an 'oversized' style, but don't wear high waists, tights or trousers that are too tight, as these will cause you pain and prolong the endobelly period. That's also how I came up with the idea of the adjustable tanga, a lingerie that varies between 2 sizes, that can be worn high or low, and that supports without compressing the love handles. The same goes for future menstrual panties: it's out of the question to wear lingerie that tightens the waist during this period.
How to overcome endobelly

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