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Endometriosis-compatible lingerie

Endometriosis-compatible lingerie

I'm my brand's first customer
Women with endometriosis know that we can't wear all the clothes we want. Anything with a high waist, tights or clothes that hug the waist too tight = NO!
Not only uncomfortable, but sometimes even painful, when we have 'endo' crises. When your tummy is inflated, bloated and you're endobelly, it's intolerable to wear tight clothes.

What's the solution ?

When it comes to pant sizing, go for low waists... We have no choice about finding alternatives. That's how I came up with the idea of the adjustable tanga. A tanga that varies between 2 sizes, that doesn't compress the waist, that can relax when you do endobelly.

What should we do if we have asymmetrical breasts ?

Hormonal problems, breast ablation, breast nodule - even without mentioning a health problem, asymmetrical breasts are completely normal! Did you know that it's common for the left breast to be stronger than the right? That's because that's where the heart is located, as well as a large number of veins and arteries, so "it takes up more space". It's not taboo to have asymmetrical breasts, it's normal! And I can testify to this from a personal point of view, but also from the orders I make for asymmetrical breasts.

Endometriosis-compatible lingerie

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